Practice Makes Permanent.

Jennifer Block, RDH
Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
Buteyko Breathing Educator


1. Prevent relapses after orthodontic treatment
2. Improve relationship between dental arches
3. Improve nasal breathing patterns
4. Maintain overall facial muscle tone needed for chewing, swallowing, and speech
5. Eliminate open-mouth posture
6. Improve dry mouth condition
7. Improve oral hygiene


Myofunctional Therapy is a holistic, non-invasive approach to treating OMDS. The program is fun and progressive for each individual.


1. Pretreatment Phase - Eliminate any undesirable habits

2. Intensive Phase - Coordinating and patterning orofacial muscles to attain proper function and reinforce bad habit elimination through a series of exercises that teach tongue rest position and closed lip seal.

3. Generalized Phase - Exercises are tailored to maintain a new pattern of swallowing and teach awareness of oral rest position. Both day and night habits are observed. During this phase we introduce proper chewing and swallowing along with correct head and neck posture.

4. Habituation Phase – Follow up, reinforcing the muscle memory patterns.

  • Create an awareness of muscles used
  • Re-pattern muscles to achieve proper oral resting positions
  • Develop normal neuro-muscular functions
  • Establish good habits